Academy Support

ASC Alliance is a consortium of educational agencies focused on the implementation and operation of Cisco Networking Academies. The ASC Alliance markets and advocates Cisco Networking Academy programs to the broader professional community. We are committed to providing student competitions, internships, and job placement. Members of the ASC Alliance include Henry Ford CollegeDavenport UniversityThe University of Akron, Calhoun Area Career Center and META Solutions.

Our Mission: Improve the quality and quantity of Cisco Networking Academies.

Our Vision: The ASC Alliance team will collaborate to share best practices, methodologies, curricula, course modules and materials, provide faculty training and offer support to schools who want to implement and develop a Cisco Networking Academy.

The role of the ASC Alliance is to promote sustainability and success of its aligned Cisco Member Academies. Our goal is to create a resilient Cisco Academy Community who shares information and ideas, enhances our member’s skills sets and improves the education of Cisco Academy students.

Each Cisco Academy is required to select an ASC who will:

  • Assist in monitoring of programs
  • Expand the quality of programs
  • Increase student success

Cisco will communicate with NetAcad Support Advisors to ensure critical operational messages are received and understood by academies. Cisco will also provide ongoing educational opportunities for NetAcad Support Advisors to make certain the ASCs have the information they need to be successful. NetAcad Support Advisors are the “eyes and ears” in their geographic region. Please feel free to contact any member with questions.

Duties of ASC Alliance

  • Deliver initial and ongoing support to academies
  • Virtually and/or live
  • Via phone, email, and social media
  • Synchronous or asynchronous
  • Help with New Experience and Academy Connection
  • Locate training or other services
  • Assist in ordering and upgrading equipment
  • Provide administrator orientation
  • Direct academies to resources and support
  • Localize and disseminate critical communications from Cisco
  • Familiarize academies with new tools
  • Back academies with change initiatives
  • Build awareness and offer training on available and updated resources and tools
  • Afford monthly professional development opportunities
  • Offer advanced training opportunities
  • Direct and promote student competitions and events
  • Recognize outstanding academies and students
  • Contribute proactively to the online community discussion boards to help connect members to available resources and the latest program information
  • Encourage academies to share best practices and engage in student success, curriculum, and operational discussions
  • Access NetLab equipment
  • Extend optional site visit

Support Fee Structure

Cisco Academy Essentials Package
IT Essentials, Cybersecurity Essentials, Networking Essentials, Linux Essentials, and Programming Essentials in Python
Cisco Academy Career Ready Package
Essentials Package, CCNA, CCNP, CyberOps Associate, Network Security, DevNet Associate, and IoT Fundamentals
Introductory Courses Available at No Charge  

Request a Quote

For more information regarding Academy Support provided by ASC Alliance, please contact Elaine Horn at (740) 389-4798 ext. 12254 or by email at